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July 25, 2017
Online Registration is Closed.
August 7, 2017

The GM Pre-bookings are complete and the Player Pre-bookings are now open!

There is no rush however as:

Everyone gets a player pre-book for every slot available. So, if you are not running a game, or you are already booked into something in a slot, you get to pre-book it! That means the majority of players will have all 5 Slots available to pre-book.

A player’s choices for each slot are recorded and given a random number to make it fair on everyone. Your slot 1 choice could be first in the virtual queue but your slot 2 may be last. It does not matter whether you send them in now or later, they all have the same chance to get their games.

To book a slot I’ll need the following from you.

Name: of the person booking (as per the name on the ShaCon attendee list, as emails differ)

Slot 1 – 1st Choice: Game Title 1 2nd: Game Title 2 3rd: Game Title 3
Slot 2 – 1st Choice: Game Title 1 2nd: Game Title 2 3rd: Game Title 3

Please skip any slots in which you’re already occupied as a GM or have a GM pre-book.

Email the Games Monkey here with your choices.

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