We are now open for game submissons!

Please complete the form on the right to submit your game. A separate form will need to be completed for each game submitted and you need to be a registered attendee before submitting a game.

(‘Tags’ - brief words indicating topics, themes and elements that may come up during the game are recommended but not a requirement).

The slot timings are:

Day Slot Start End
Saturday 1 1000 1300
Saturday 2 1430 1830
Saturday 3 2000 Midnight
Sunday 4 1000 1300
Sunday 5 1430 1830

Whilst there are no limits on number of game submissions by each GM, any greater than 2 will be held ‘in reserve’ to allow others a chance to also run games.

To that end please submit games in order of preference. If there are spaces in the timetable left on Monday 01 May, any games ‘in reserve’ will be entered into the timetable.

Pre-signs will be allocated to every attendee as a Player pre-sign with an additional one GM pre-sign per slot GM'd.

The more attendees, the higher the chance we can increase capacity and book more of the venue.

The current timetable is here.